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Russell Hobbs 17942 Deep Fat Fryer Review

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Russell Hobbs deep fat fryerIntroduction

This is a great deep fat fryer designed with a stylish silver body and cool black exterior finish. The Russell Hobbs 17942 deep fat fryer is made of smooth stainless steel. This deep fat fryer offers a large 1.2kg food capacity and couple of cool features that makes it a must have in a busy home kitchen. With its great features including removable bowl and lid, easy-to-clean capability, safe cool wall body, rise and fall basket amongst others, this is the perfect deep fat fryer you need in your kitchen. It is developed to offer numerous capabilities allowing you to enjoy different kinds of freed delicacies. Continue reading this review to learn more about this amazing deep aft fryer.

Features and benefits

1. This professional deep fat fryer comes in a striking strong stainless steel body that greatly increases its durability and strength for regular use.
2. The Russell Hobbs deep fat fryer comes with a large temperature control that offers varying temperature range allowing you to cook food just the way you want it.
3. It also features digitally controlled timer that gives you accurate timing and alert you when the cooking is done.
4. It offers an extra large 3.3 litre oil capacity that allows bulk cooking for a large member family.
5. It features easy lift handle system that allows you to effectively rise and drop the basket t enhance perfect viewing of the cooking progress.

Pros And Cons

 Pros
1. It comes with extra safe cool wall body
2. It comes with a handy digital timer
3. It is very easy to use and clean
4. It is compact in design and highly portable
5. It is small and sits well on the countertop
6. It is very stable and occupies less countertop space
 Cons
1. The handle is slightly shorter
2. It does not heat up faster thus slowing cooking progress
3. The basket device is a little flimsy


We conclude by first recommending the Russell Hobbs deep fat fryer 17942  to any person who wants a great deep frying device that would make their work in the kitchen quite simple, faster and enjoyable. With its host of capabilities and features, this is the perfect deep aft fryer that would help you advance your deep frying task to a higher level. There are lot more to love about this special deep fat fryer including digital timer, variable temperature, large 3.3 litre capacity, power light, temperature ready light, removable bowl and lid, cool wall body, viewing window, 2200 watts power, stainless steel body, oil filter, rise and fall basket etc. Buy one today and start enjoying right away!

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